The Beginning to an End

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Packing my life of 28 years to fit in a baggage allowance of 40 kilos wasn’t easy. Leaving everything behind and looking forward to this so-called future, taking a leap of faith and then living it.  It was September 30, 2015 when I left and embraced this new beginning. I’ve been in long haul flights but believe me it was the longest and hardest. Goodbyes were never easy. Letting go of a life that you’re used to towards a bizarre uncertain future might not be the best idea for someone in her late 20s. They say I am lucky and for others I am just merely wasting time and money. I was just too selfish that all I thought for that moment was that I can do this and this will make me happy and I can make this work. Confidence is a must though it’s not the only recipe to it all. I landed at Heathrow Terminal 4, September 30, 2015, same day but with hellos that are warmer than London’s summer.


DSC_0206Buckingham Palace, London

DSC_0215Trivia: The Queen is in the Palace whenever the flag is up.

She’s Danillene Christina Quinto, mostly known as Danna amongst her peers. She greeted me with her warmest hello when I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 4.  It is an understatement when I say that I would not have survived all the obstacles of living alone in London if it wasn’t for her. She is my home away from home. She saw my smiles and cries, my laughter and pain, showed me and pushed  me for she knows I really wanted this and I just needed someone to get me through all the hurdles that will come along. I thank her that I am still here embracing what I started and not regretting any of it. Living alone in London seemed lighter knowing she’s just around.

The only pictures of myself in school worthy of posting. 

After being out of school for almost 8 years made me rusty. Doing a master’s degree is difficult enough but taking it in another country makes it even harder. New assessments, higher expectations, triple the hard work doesn’t even do it. If you sleep more than 6 hours then you are not doing enough. If you can have a life after school then you’re completely in the wrong place. As a fashion student, I worked more compared to my real job. It’s a slavery job. Earning a degree is not your sword, it’s merely just the handle of your weapon. The blade that will make you a cut through in this industry  are the experiences you’ve gathered before-while-and-after your studies. The fashion industry sucks out your blood and will leave you dry.


But why am I still here? Yes, it sucks out my soul but it is where my heart belongs to.

This blog will tell you what my eyes can see, what my ears can hear, what my mouth can taste, where my feet can take me and what my heart feels.

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