The Solicitor and The Fashionista: Spring/Summer 2017 Trends

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Greeting this lovely season with much more colour and styles. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when Danna and I decided to go to Portobello market in Notting Hill. While passing by the empty streets, we took our chance and posed our worries away.

Dressing up with this season’s trends with our own interpretation. We both love the sun and the joy it brings. Just a glimpse of sunlight after a cold and gloomy winter gives us endless smiles.



I am simply jealous of this girl. She rocks any outfit effortlessly. Showing off her slender arms in this floral halter crop top paired with “supposedly” crop skinny jeans (all thanks to the asian genes of being petite). This solicitor just can’t let go of her court shoes even though it means walking for the whole afternoon.


Who would have thought that my favourite flower would be Carnation. Not because its the cheapest or lasts very long. Its asymmetrical petals is what enchants me and what makes it beautiful flower (at least for me).


This solicitor knows no “day-off”. Even if she is miles away from the office or on a weekend with me. She brings her client’s worries and problems with her every single day. I just love how dedicated this girl to her job.



This little gold necklace apt her outfit more. A little accessory always brings another story to a simple outfit. Knowing Danna, she rarely wears them. But since this is our day out of our regular life, why don’t add a little bit to make her stand out more (not that she needs it).


Loving this fur gilet. It’s a season must have! Glamming my boring outfit with this. Since I could not totally let go of my blacks and whites hence I paired this embroidered white top with a ruffled mini skirt with this gilet to keep me warm. My wide smile was the only accessory needed in this ensemble.


We never get bored of talking about college. Its been 10 years of solid friendship yet we could not get enough of it. They say adult life starts after you have graduated college/uni but for us, it was otherwise. I am glad that our path crossed.




Danna’s outfit

suede leather jacket in powder blue (FAB), floral crop top, skinny jeans in grey (MiH Jeans), folder clutch in ocean blue (Pauls Boutique), court shoes in beige (Nine West), accessories: necklace and belt (Debenhams)

Lorre’s outfit

dyed fox and coney fur gilet (Jayley), embroidered top (velvet), black ruffled skirt (Kamiseta), handbag (Prada), pumps (Michael Kors)



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