London Fashion Week Festival 2017

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Definitely one for the books. Spending London Fashion Week Festival 2017 (LFWF17) with one of my best friend is the only way to do it for your first time. London Fashion Week happens twice a year during the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons. This is an event that is for invites only. So for wannabe’s like myself the closest thing I could go to is LFWF, this is where the current trends are showcased prior to their displays on their shop floors. Runway shows of chosen brands are also presented, usually the newbies in the industry. Being “reintroduce” to the public in such a way is always a step ahead in being known in this city. Inspiring talks are limitless. Not to mention the sponsors of this event made our attendance worthwhile and memorable. A place not just for shopping but sending out memorabilia for keeps.

Day 1 of my LFWF experience was epic spending it with your BFF. Just goofing around and trying to be “glamorous/cultured” for a day.

16935897_1649550931728422_1338075011_o (1)

16936170_1649551301728385_2131412313_o17015272_1649550885061760_821019823_o16930365_1649550815061767_647932028_o (1)

Day 2 is all about educating myself of not just style or fashion but everything behind it. I got a few make-up tutorials from Maybelline and styling tips from Toni & Guy. To end my day, I watched a runway show and listen to inspirational talks.

17887047_10156138206858298_1700287356_o17886786_10156138206808298_1186766794_o17886762_10156138206703298_1290367483_o17837543_10156138206758298_1503537874_o (1)

But just like others, I went to buy myself a few things at a discounted price (which I loved) first hand before it was out in the shop floor along with my free souvenirs from the event’s sponsors.




Until the next London Fashion Week Festival!


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